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Welcome on the site of Allchristian Community (ACC)

About us

We are a network of people who realise projects based on the Christian-Western foundation to promote contemporary Christianity, successful integration and identification with Germany and its culture as well as the promotion of the European idea based on the heritage of Europe’s Christian-Jewish history.  We are proud of our achievements in: Human rights, education, culture, economy, science, technology and the overcoming of old enmities in Europe, which now in troubled times should strive to protect and support each other in preserving our values, our people and our nations.  To this end, we have partners in many EU countries and are deepening this cooperation at project level, but also at political, cultural and economic level.

To promote all-Christian solidarity, we are always open to partners and members from all over the world who feel connected to this idea. We are also in (critical) dialogue with other faiths and confidently represent Christianity not only as a faith, but also as a cultural confession.  To this end, we have selected partners and supporting members of other faiths who are available to advise us and who can also take on project tasks.

What do we do?

We want to solve problems, not manage them! Therefore, the goal is to finish every project or to change it based on new challenges.

Why all-Christian?

We support the worldwide networking of Christians and the support of Christians under threat in their countries. We also support projects to represent and expand Christianity in its enlightened form in society. 

Our focus

Our focus emphasizes freedom, security, support, leadership, integration and migration management for future development.


Allchristliche Gemeinschaft e.V.

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