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Our focus


Freedom and security for people

With a realistic view of the world and humanity, one can only ever conclude that those who do not protect their own security will lose it. That is why we stand by our police, our armed forces and other security forces, as well as other blue-light organisations such as rescue services and fire brigades. Members and managers of our association have often been or are part of these organisations and contribute to the safety and protection of the people in our country out of the deepest conviction.

Assistance and leadership

Caring for our fellow human beings is close to our hearts and here too we are involved both professionally and on a voluntary basis in the fields of medicine, education and upbringing. We are also open to the option of organising our own care services or household-related services or implementing them in our company. We would be delighted to hear from committed or professionally active people in these areas. Anything that brings relief and progress to our society is valuable to us and we set no limits to our development in this area.


Integration and migration management

Germany has always been a country of migration and the associated integration. Even in Roman times, various Germanic tribes, Celts and Romans from different provinces came together and formed the first societies in our territories. The integration and assimilation of the French Huguenots in various German regions and the assimilation of Polish immigrants in the Ruhr area are particularly noteworthy. Today, we are writing new chapters in the integration of numerous people from different parts of Europe and the world in Germany. We are more than aware of the complexity of the challenge. We are therefore also of the opinion that integration is first and foremost the responsibility of the immigrants and that immigration should be orientated towards the ability of society and its people to absorb newcomers, as well as the needs of the economy. We reject the mixing of asylum and labour migration. As part of our work, we want to get politically involved and also promote specific projects. The focus here is on migrants who respect and want to embrace the traditions and culture of Germany and Europe, regardless of their origin and faith. In return, we want to help ensure that they are given a fair chance and that integration is successful linguistically, professionally, socially and emotionally. However, we will have no sympathy for those who disregard our customs and traditions, our laws and our identity. In this case, further residence in Germany or within the EU makes no sense.

Future through knowledge and skills

In our network and our projects, education and training are of crucial importance for the future of our country. We want to emphasise the following focal points in particular:

The basic virtues such as politeness, discipline, diligence and fairness should always be part of all educational measures.

Love for the homeland and nature should be learnt through projects on history, art, culture, songs and respect for the environment.

Helping immigrants to see and experience Germany as their true home. To this end various projects under the name "Integration is Emotion".

To ensure that Germany remains competitive worldwide, we want to promote often neglected competences and skills.