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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. Dear people interested in supporting the ACG.

We welcome any support in our endeavours. This can be through active co-operation, financial and material support as well as through networking and passing on contacts. Active co-operation and other forms of support are not tied to membership and can also be provided on a situational or project-related basis.

We are happy to personally invite people who convince us to become a supporting member and later a voting member. However, we are also open to people who actively apply for a supporting membership.

You will find an application form on this page. People from all countries of the world who share our goals and values can become members. People of other religions are also welcome as supporting members and represent a valuable source for our interreligious dialogues and projects.

To ensure a balance between the possibilities of people in different countries, the amount of the annual membership is always based on the GDP of the country. In this way, we ensure that sponsoring membership is equally affordable for everyone.

Our supporting members benefit from our Germany-wide and international network and can therefore come into contact with people from different countries and continents. We are always happy when we can expand our network and our members can benefit from it.

In this context, we ask you to refrain from joining a membership solely in order to gain economic advantages. Business contacts are certainly welcome, but anyone wishing to become a member should first answer the question: What do I bring to this network so that I can help others?

If you have any questions, please contact us and become part of our special community.

Application for membership